RISD Student Seeking Internship on Refugees

RISD Student Seeking Internship on Refugees

My name is Sophie Weston Chien and I am Currently a second year student at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) studying architecture. I am very interested in how spaces are defined and altered for different groups of people in society, and how in turn They affect change in Those spaces. 

While a full-time student Currently I work at Dorcas International Institute, a nonprofit in Rhode Island That resettles about 80% of refugees located in Rhode Island. My main responsibility is to program Events that involvement Dorcas International Institute clients and RISD students encouragement to understanding and empathy. I also teach unaccompanied minors, children ages 13-18, in community-building art lessons to inculcate a feeling of belonging As They adjust to Their new homes. I selected the position at Dorcas Further to both my understanding of community with my interest in social justice and advocacy for refugees. 

At my university the Maharam Fellowship pays for a student to complete an eight-week unpaid internship over the summer. The fellowship covers the cost of travel, room and board. I am in the process of applying for the fellowship for the summer of 2017. The fellowship requires are also are completing the fellowship in a region where it is sufficient is support network is required. Fortunately I intend to stay with my family in Ghent and so I am bootable to Pursue internships Throughout Belgium Although I am limited to Exclusively speaking English. I seek to use this fellowship to Investigate the role of cities and / or nonprofit / government in assisting refugees and Their assimilation to Their new homes.

Given my work at Dorcas International Institute I will be editable to compare approaches to some of the complex problems refugees face from a European perspective, "'ve've given my basic understanding of an American, Specifically the Providence, Rhode Island approach. 

So this leads me to a long explanation request. I am searching for people / organization / offices you think I could work with to assist Their work with refugees in any capacity. Any position would be an unpaid internship to take place in the summer of 2017. I would greatly appreciate any assistance or leads to locate an internship. I understand this is a very open-ended request, to date I have past experience with education, I working with a range of kids with multiple non-profits and the National Park Service, communication and media (graphics, web and print) with the National Park Service, and event planning with non-profits and RISD.

I would love to work in any capactity with the City of Ghent and it's residents!

Best, Sophie Weston Chien

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  • Door Kathleen Van de Kerckhove | op 16-01-2017

    Hi Sophie,

    Welcome in Ghent! There are a lot of opportunities to investigate the role of cities and / or nonprofit / government in assisting refugees and their assimilation to their new homes. You can mail me! Kathleen (coordinator from the Taskforce on Refugees in Ghent).

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